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Consistency and Fairness Start with Good Communication!

One of the most valuable services offered by Paul Hilton, Human Resources Consulting is assistance in the development of a comprehensive Employee Handbook for your company and its employees.

Our Handbooks:

  • Are Custom Designed to Meet Your Company’s Needs.

  • Promote Fair and Consistent Application of Your Company’s Philosophy and Policies.

  • Demonstrate Your Efforts to Comply with State and Federal Mandates.

All This and More . . . or Less, According to Your Needs:

  • Employment at Will Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Welcome 
  • Purpose of This Handbook
    - Employment and Working Conditions
    - Equal Employment Opportunity
    - Americans with Disabilities Act 
    - Classification of Positions
    - Age Limits
    - Introductory Period
    - Supervisors
    - Hours of Work 
    - Personnel Files
    - Employment Reference Checks
    - Termination of Employment
  • Employee Pay Plan 
    - Pay Advances
    - Time Keeping 
    - Overtime 
    - Payroll Deductions
    - Exempt Employee Pay
    - Performance Appraisals
  • Employee Benefits 
    - Holidays 
    - Annual Leave
    - Sick Leave
    - Leave without Pay for Disability
    - Family and Medical Leave of Absence
    - Leave for Jury or Witness Duty
    - Leave for Voting
    - Military Leave for Service and/or Training
    - Bereavement Leave
  • Job Responsibilities
    - About Your Job
    - Attendance
    - Tardiness
    - Nepotism
    - Outside Employment
    - Gifts and Gratuities
    - Conflicts of Interest/Ethics
    - Behavior
    - Personal Appearance and Dress
    - Grievance Procedure
    - Solicitation and Distribution of Literature
    - Telephone Courtesy / Personal Calls
    - Management / Employee Relations
    - Use of Equipment and Vehicles
    - Safety and Security
  • Safety and Health
    - Visitors
    - Incident Reports
    - Weapons Policy
    - Sexual Harassment
    - Workplace Harassment
    - Workplace Violence Prevention
    - Electronic and Telephonic Communication
    - Smoking
    - Drug-Free Workplace

PHHR, through our Human Resources Audit and other available services, will give your company appropriate and actionable alternatives and solutions to undesirable situations that keep you awake at night! Learn more about all of our Services...

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